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Home Renovation and Restoration with a Historic Perspective

Renovating a home is an excellent way to preserve it's authenticity while creating a more comfortable, updated living space. Because home renovation requires refined skills and an ability to anticipate and overcome structural challenges, you want a professional builder who has a proven track record in full house renovation. For over 35 years, Charles Pijanowski has stood out among the finest home renovation contractors for expert craftsmanship and his use of only the highest-quality construction materials. Charles has built a vast network of suppliers that can provide him with building materials, such as trim and flooring, to match the materials originally used in your house, allowing him to maintain the integrity of your home's design. Charles has been recognized by the National Historic Trust, who presented him with the Harry Devlin Award for historically correct renovation. He has a stellar reputation among homeowners in your area for his dedication to premium-quality custom home renovation. If you value quality craftsmanship and want to revitalize your home while maintaining its authenticity, hire Charles Contracting for expert custom home renovation.

Architecture & History

If you love the architecture and history of your older home but would like to have it restored to its original grandeur, you can rely on Charles Pijanowski to maintain the authenticity of its roots while refreshing its appearance and functionality. From colonial homes built in the 1700s to 1920s craftsman-style cottages and more, Charles has the expertise and experience to maintain a home's historical integrity while updating it for modern-day use. The award-winning Charles Contracting team has thrilled local homeowners by restoring not only their homes, but also outbuildings such as old barns, using authentic materials and expert craftsmanship to turn them into functional garages and extra living spaces while maintaining their charming, authentic appearance.

Painless Home Renovation

With Charles Contracting, you'll never have to waste time worrying about the details of your home renovation project. As your home renovation contractor, Charles Pijanowski will manage all aspects of your home restoration so you can avoid ongoing disruption of your daily routine. Charles will keep your home restoration project progressing smoothly and ensure all work is done to his superior standards of quality and craftsmanship. The stellar reputation that Charles Contracting has earned in the construction industry has allowed Charles to build a vast network of expert subcontractors that he can depend on to be available when he needs them, helping him keep your project moving forward in a timely fashion.

Charles is known not only for his expertise in effectively coordinating his team but also for the excellent customer service he provides. Charles will maintain two-way communication with you throughout your home renovation to ensure you're always up-to-speed on the status of the project. He'll give you plenty of time to select materials, such as tiles and fixtures, that the Charles Contracting team needs to complete each phase of your home renovation. What's more, you'll benefit from Charles's expert suggestions for enhancing the potential of your restoration. As a further testament to his commitment to unsurpassed customer service and quality construction, Charles will do a final review to ensure that every detail is perfect before you have a chance to inspect your newly renovated home.

Getting Started is Easy...

With Charles Contracting, it's simple to get an accurate and complete estimate for your home renovation project. Charles knows that you need a reliable cost estimate that encompasses everything listed on your renovation and restoration plans, so you aren't surprised by hidden costs later on. Three decades of experience as a home renovation contractor has made Charles proficient at accurately assessing your detailed construction plans to determine the price to complete your full home renovation. Our four-step process makes it easy for you to get started:

  1. Call Charles Today
    Call Charles at (908) 233-0551 to set up a meeting to review the blueprints for your home renovation and restoration. If you haven't had designs created, Charles can refer you to an excellent local architect.
  2. Meet with Charles
    When you meet with Charles to discuss your architectural floor plans, Charles will also view your current home and property and discuss your vision for your total house renovation.
  3. Review Your Estimate
    Charles will contact you promptly to set up a meeting to review the cost of your full-house renovation, which will include all aspects of construction detailed in your home restoration plan.
  4. Review Your Budget
    Charles will also explain his convenient home renovation payment plan, which allows you to pay your complete home renovation cost over time after making an initial down payment. Your investment will occur in equal amounts that coincide with the completion of key phases of construction. You won't make your final payment until you've had the opportunity to do a final walkthrough and have approved the construction of your house renovation.
  5. Approve Your Estimate
    Once you've approved your estimate, both you and Charles will sign a contract that details the home restoration costs, payment plan, and work to be completed by Charles Contracting. You will also submit your down payment at this time.
Charles & Jack Pijanowski

The Home Renovation Contractors You Can Depend On

When your home needs renovation, you want to hire the best home restoration contractor. Charles Pijanowski is the general contractor you can depend on for superior customer service and historically accurate restorations using only the highest-quality construction materials. Charles's proficiency in custom home renovations and his dedication to the highest level of craftsmanship has made Charles Contracting the preferred renovation company for old house restoration. Depend on Charles Contracting, the quality builders trusted by local homeowners and local historical societies for the best home restoration services in the in the Mountainside, Westfield, Berkeley Heights, Summit and Short Hills, New Jersey areas.

Getting Started Is Easy...

Charles would love to meet with you to discuss your renovation and restoration ideas and review your home.

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